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About V.d.S


Since 2001(the establishment of VDS), Vahdat Doostan Sanat has experienced steady growth in the field of production capacity, specialist manpower, technology development and competition in the fields of quality and price. Vahdat Doostan Sanat is an industrial producer of complex and special parts in all over of the country. This company has been able to help industrial development in the country as a leader in cold forging, with sustainable development of high quality products and innovation in technology.

V.D.S. history

2001 Establishment of Vahdat Doostan Sanat with the aim of automotive producing by the process of hot forging and machining 
2002 Obtaining certification from Mega Motors (KIA representative in Iran) 
2004 Development of company and switching from hot-forging to the process of cold-forging and the success in production of complex parts 
2005 Obtaining ISO 9001: 2000 certifications 
2005 Construction of a new factory in industrial zone of Parand with an area of 3000 square meters 
2007 Facility enlargement by purchasing and installation of 6 Part formers with a capacity of 20,000,000 parts per year 
2007~2009 - Production of several Valve Spring Retainers, Flare Nut for Braking and steering system oil, oil pressure switch, Piston Pin, male and female part of cylinder and etc. for the first time in Iran. 
2009 Obtaining ISO/TS- 16949:2002 certifications. 
2010 Facility enlargement by purchasing and installation of 7 Part formers with a capacity of 20,000,000 parts per year 
2011 Replacement of smart robots in the production line in order to benefit from automation for the first time in Iran. 
2012 Enlargement by purchasing and installing of 5 Bolt formers with a capacity of 12,000,000 parts per year. 
2013 Production of shear bolt for construction industry in accordance with ISO 13918 
2014 Activity in the field of export of construction parts 
2015 Adding a kind of brake oil Flare nut and a Valve Spring Retainer to production line 
2015 - Dismantling of six models of snow crushing ball joint by cold forging and removal of machining 
2016 Adding oil filter connector to the production line. 
2017 Adding a set of Camera sorter for the final visiting of manufactured products and delivery of cargo without error to customers of safety parts. 
2017 - Production of ball pin of Pride for the first time in Iran by cold forging. 
2018 - Purchasing of 2 sets of 6-molds-Part former Machine ,1 Rolling machine and a Flat Rolling machine and Special machine for the production of complex cold forged parts and automatic tapping 

Goals and strategy

Access to global technology and quality
Continuous growth of equipment and customer expectations
Future Value Management
Known as the best supplier by customers


Continuous motion towards infallibility
On time delivery according to planning
Continuous improvement in the analysis and development of technical knowledge